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Sell in your Store

AMSOIL products are a valuable addition to any store or shop that sells related products or services, such as auto parts stores, powersports dealerships, auto service centers or convenience stores. The AMSOIL Retail Account Program can help you generate new business and boost profits.
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Increased Visibility on the AMSOIL Locator

The AMSOIL website receives more than 30,000 visitors each day, many of whom are searching for stores or auto service centers that offer AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Qualified AMSOIL retailers appear on the AMSOIL locater at, helping increase traffic through your doors.
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Increase Profits

AMSOIL products are in demand. They are premium products that deliver strong profits and help bring new customers to your business. Their quality and performance create lifelong repeat customers.
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Exclusive Distribution

AMSOIL products are exclusively available at small and regional chains to protect against predatory pricing. Carrying AMSOIL synthetic lubricants helps you stand out from the competition.
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Extensive Product Line

AMSOIL offers everything from advanced synthetic drivetrain lubricants to premium fuel additives. The complete AMSOIL product line ensures your customers will find whatever they need so they don’t have to shop elsewhere.
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Advertising Support

To help drive customers through your doors, AMSOIL invests heavily in national television, Internet and print advertising, in addition to Official Oil partnerships with the nation’s biggest events and racing series – including Sturgis, Monster Energy Supercross, The Off-Road Championship Series (TORC) and more. Registering as an AMSOIL retail account and maintaining a minimum amount of stock qualifies your shop to receive AMSOIL promotional displays. AMSOIL also offers a Co-op Advertising Program for retail accounts. Co-op credit is earned according to the amount of AMSOIL products purchased. Co-op credit can be redeemed for print and broadcast advertising featuring AMSOIL products, or for AMSOIL promotional items or merchandising materials.
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Three Great Perks for New AMSOIL Retail Accounts

New AMSOIL retail accounts that place a $300 qualifying order receive additional benefits.


Orders of $300 ($400 Canada) or more receive free shipping. Orders less than $300 are charged a flat shipping rate of $9.99 ($11.99 Canada).


30,000 people visit every day, many looking for shops that install AMSOIL products as part of a service. Qualifying retail accounts appear on the AMSOIL Locator, helping drive customers through your doors.


After placing a qualifying order of $300 or more, you receive a free merchandising kit designed to help increase sales. Kit contents shown above.

Four important trends in today’s passenger car market:

The Trend Toward Synthetic Motor Oils

North American demand for synthetic motor oils is growing. Increasingly stringent CAFE requirements and increased awareness of the benefits of synthetics are two of the drivers behind this growing demand. AMSOIL OE is an entry-level, full-synthetic motor oil designed for motorists seeking to move up from conventional motor oil and take advantage of the benefits of synthetic motor oil. AMSOIL XL offers additional engine protection for motorists desiring the convenience of extended service life.

The Continuing Environmental Trend

Recommended: AMSOIL XL Environmental pressures have placed greater demands on oil formulators to improve the quality of their products. AMSOIL offers a model program that lube center operators can embrace, which is not only environmentally wise, but economically suited for profit-mindedness as well: the AMSOIL XL Program, with drain intervals of up to 10,000 miles/six months.

The Trend Toward Performance

Recommended: AMSOIL OE and AMSOIL XL Drastic changes in engine design, with smaller, hotter engine compartments, tighter tolerances and emissions restrictions continue to place higher demands on lubricants. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers seek extended drains, cleaner engines, improved fuel economy, reduced oil consumption and better wear protection.

The Trend Toward Extended Drain Intervals

Recommended: AMSOIL XL Many lube operators are beginning to see the trend toward extended drain intervals as an opportunity, servicing customers who want the convenience without sacrificing protection. Offering properly priced, premium extended-drain oil frees up time and service bays, allowing shops to serve more regular customers. AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oil has a service life of up to 10,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first (or longer when relying on factory-installed oil life monitoring systems).

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